To My Body by Devin Pavlischak/ February 12th, 2017 ©

To my body,
I’m sorry for filling you with wasteful toxins year after year. I’ve made you strong and mentally I’ve taught you to be resilient. You’ve taken on the worst when you got diseases and illnesses that could only make you fight and fight. I’ve put you through more than you could take and yet you took all of it between the stressors, anxiety, depression, and self-harm. You took the abuse I put on you and made beautiful works of art with your actions and that beating heart that moved to the rhythm of mixed signals and more than a few other broken hearts that needed to be repaired. I smoked, I drank too much, and I watched you change as you told me what I needed to do. You wanted grand reasons to see and to liberate yourself from daily patterns, and that made you push your limits, even if it meant facing the consequences. I hurt you even when I exercised, tearing muscles slowly as bigger muscles were built. You make me proud even as you live on now and as I care for you, just know that we’ve been through a lot and deep down more than anything you once were, I love you now and forever.


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