I Understand Now by Devin Pavlischak

I understand now, the relationship between human beings and our biological clocks. Out there in there is another world like our own, only nothing is different from this one. The same aurora of anger, happiness, sadness, and humanly bonds are there and for the first time, you may understand only step at a time, that this is the way that every single action has a movement throughout the reaches of sound and light. Imagine millions upon millions of the same actions being done by you, by the mirrored actions of spatial dimensions that will continue most likely forever. We don’t generally believe that our actions have any special reward or terrifying consequence, though life does come back again and again. Life, the sentimental, biological lover of the stars and the lights of the universe is reaching out to the furthest depths of where light strikes, sometimes into the unknown. The morals of men and women all across the world being changed by love and sound from musical endeavors. It is completely clear, boundaries between the universes away from our own, where we exist just as we live and breathe, don’t look any different. All we know is that are returning to each other our sense of existence in the sense that we are reaching the places we truly exist, here and there, and everywhere. Our goal, our journey, and the potential in change of direction is that we will meet again and again like in infinite patterns through bonds that bind us together. This is the moment we sought out as our own manifest, we were destined to be explorers, scientists, artists, and human beings alike, turning back the clock long enough to see our own history unfold and then repeat, through change, we are alike and we are different. Through our struggles and love, we will meet again, another world awaits. To the cosmos my friends, where space empties out into the unknown and somewhere inhabits the same hope and love that inhabits our own bodies. We will meet again.


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