November 22nd, 2016

            It’s a dark day remembering the assassination of President Kennedy. I’ve always been a firm believer in progressives much like himself. It often troubles me that such a prominent and hopeful man could meet such a terrible end. Even now I suppose the past is always behind us and there really isn’t anything that be done about what had happened. It’s always been my hope that drives my sense of purpose forward, I wanted to know what made people connect, what made them feel inside, in their emotions and or feelings. Activism is a product of the 1960’s, something thanks to the Kennedy administration encouraging youth to reach out to others in their country and then volunteering around the world would begin. Encouraging young people to exercise, to get in shape, and to be healthy and successful members of society. Those days have passed and the word activism has grown into something quite spectacular. Causes and ways of life are being born into this wonderful spectrum of gender and sexual orientation. People are becoming closer as they fight for climate change recognition and they fight against political/economical divide, which lays waste to our nation and our citizens. There are injustices that change as a whole aims to correct. We therefore move to understand and we let go of our ignorance. It took a long time to arrive where we’re at now and being here we know there is more to fix and to understand, though we are free individuals with aspirations and purposes that are unlike any generation before. We are the sudden hopefuls who were born to change the world and give hope to those who need it. President Kennedy may be gone, but I believe that what he stood for as a man who looked to give hope to a nation that needed leadership and to heal a divided nation, lives on in the ideals of people everywhere today, ideals that will change this world forever. We should never be afraid of a positive change, whether it settles conflict or connects the mind with new adventures, if President Kennedy could of seen those ideals live on, I have no doubt that he would have been proud of such individuals, individuals we should all be proud of.


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